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This product is recommended for design into automotive applications.  It has been tested and qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100 requirements.

除了AEC-Q100资格, 这个产品已经设计好了, developed and manufactured to meet the robustness, quality and reliability expectations of the automotive industry. 材料选择, Zero Defect quality controls and testing beyond the datasheet requirements minimize the potential for product failures. 另外, stringent change control mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the quality and reliability demanded by automotive customers is consistently maintained over the entire lifecycle of the product.

Customer-specific test and quality control requirements may also be considered for these products. These special requirements must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will require the use of a custom part number.


A product that contains the “推荐用于汽车设计” designation has been carefully selected as one that meets the criteria described above and encompasses the latest features and technologies available today from Microchip. 除了, many legacy products that also meet these criteria still exist and are fully capable for use in automotive applications.  These may no longer carry the “推荐用于汽车设计” designation as they have been superseded by newer products.


Special part numbers are used to identify automotive versions of products. Even for products that contain the “推荐用于汽车设计” designation, care must be taken to ensure the use of proper ordering codes for the automotive versions.

  • Part numbers that end with the suffix “VAO” are automotive standard products and can be ordered by any automotive customer. VAO部件号没有提供PPAP.
  • PPAPs are available for any product that Microchip recommends for automotive designs.  对于请求PPAP的客户, a custom part number will be generated and provided in the PSW of the PPAP. 以产品变更为例, the customer will receive a change notification which identifies only their affected part number. 


  1. PIC16F616T-I / SL
    Standard part number that does not contain sufficient controls for manufacturing, materials and change management necessary to maintain expected levels of quality and reliability for automotive applications.
  2. PIC16F616T-I / SLVAO
    汽车 standard part number which can be ordered by any automotive customer. 没有PPAP相关.
  3. PIC16F616T-I / SLV01
    汽车 custom part number associated with a PPAP that is unique to an individual customer.

注意: Some exceptions to the automotive ordering codes described above may exist for products originating at companies acquired by Microchip. For more information on the special ordering codes for automotive products, please contact your local sales representative.