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SHIELDS UP! Seminar Series - China

Check out the list below for tips, information, and tools you might have missed in this workshop series to help you implement security in your next design project。

Shields Up!

Webinar #1: Implementing MultiZone™ security in RISC-V Applications

The first workshop will share the latest RISC-V security technology and give practical advice on how to develop secure applications, especially for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that lack memory management units (MMUs)。

Webinar #2: How to Protect Your IP in a Cloud Service Connection

At present, the rapid development of all kinds of applications and services realized through cloud services has resulted in a large number of cloud service connections。This means that your IP is facing a larger and broader threat from hackers, counterfeiters, and competitors。We will explore these potential threats and how to use a combination of hardware and software solutions to protect against them。

Webinar #3: Preconfiguring Security Components: Putting Trust&GO is used for AWS IoT

Use our Trust&The GO platform enables you to quickly and easily implement secure authentication for your IoT designs。We will show you how to use the platform to simplify the entire process of network authentication using ATECC608A security devices。

Webinar #4: RISC-V Safe Places: A good start to ensuring security

MultiZone™ security is risC-V's first Linux® safety。The MultiZone demo will show how to protect the deterministic behavior of mixed critical systems, where Linux and real-time systems are in the same PolarFire®In the device。For security-critical applications that require trusted workloads on untrusted platforms, MultiZone security provides software-defined hardware-enforced isolation of multiple security zones, completely isolating data, programs, and peripherals。MultiZone security is completely self-contained compared to traditional heavy manager solutions。它呈现了一个极其有限的攻击面(<2 KB) Can be formally validated without making any changes to existing software。With MultiZone PolarFire edition, you can configure open source software, third-party binaries and existing code in minutes for unprecedented security。

Webinar #5: Secure authentication with TrustFlex Security Components and Microsoft Azure

The TrustFLEX security component is a pre-configured device that uses Microchip security services。It not only saves costs, but also reduces risks and prevents the key from being exposed to software or third parties。We will learn about the various authentication use cases provided by TrustFLEX by default and explain how to implement secure authentication between device and cloud using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub。

Webinar #6: Trust Your Firmware: Secure Boot Application Processors

Secure booting protects against rootkit and bootkit attacks on the pre-booted firmware environment。This workshop will explore how to secure systems booted through external SPI flash memory to extend the trust root。

Webinar #7: Secure Tutorials for Microprocessors

Secure boot protects your microprocessor (MPU) solution from production to deployment to field upgrades。Secure bootstrapping is at the heart of maintaining the root of hardware trust, ensuring the integrity of the product throughout its life cycle。Learn how easy it is to implement secure booting on the Microchip MPU!

Webinar #8: Security Resilience of platform Firmware

Your system is booted through SPI flash?How do you protect your system during boot and firmware upgrades?How does your system detect and recover from damaged flash files?Welcome to our webinar to explore the NIST 800-193 guidelines for platform firmware security resilience。

Webinar #9: Firmware validation using the TrustFLEX security component

In this webinar,How can Microchip's security components in CryptoAuthentication™ series trusted platforms assist in the secure boot of small microcontrollers,How do I protect the PUBLIC key of the OTA,以及如何加强对固件的IP保护;还将演示如何通过可信平台设计套件用预配置的ATECC608A TrustFLEX来实现这一切。

Webinar #10: Automotive Network Security

As in-car networks continue to grow in size and complexity, more and more nodes will be connected to the CAN FD network, increasing the potential attack surface for hackers。In this webinar, we will share tips and techniques on how to improve the safety cornerstone of the car of the future。

Webinar #11: Authentication of accessories with security Components

Whether you expect to protect your revenue, brand or intellectual property?Join this webinar to learn about Microchip for CryptoAuthentication®How do security elements in the trusted platform series help you authenticate accessories and peripherals。We will use the pre-configured ATECC608A TrustFlex security component to show you how to easily implement secure authentication using trusted Platform Design suite software tools。

Webinar #12: PolarFire® SoC FPGA secure boot

PolarFire SoC FPGas provide off-the-shelf safe booting。In this webinar, you will learn how to implement your own secure bootstrap methods using secure non-volatile memory for these devices。We protect this internal memory with physical anti-cloning technology。

Webinar #13: Anti-Counterfeiting protection for Disposable Products

Know how to use Microchip security devices and symmetric authentication to reduce the risk of counterfeiting of disposable cartridges and consumables。In this workshop, we will introduce you to the architecture and features of ATSHA206A security device, and discuss how to use this solution to establish secure authentication between the host and disposable cartridges。

Webinar #14: GoodLock Project with SAM L11 and TrustFLEX ATECC608 security devices

Future Electronics has designed a unique trusted development board, GoodLock, to help designers develop and test hardware security solutions for their embedded designs。This cost-effective, general-purpose development board has advanced features and a built-in debugger/programmer, making it an ideal development platform for adding security to products。

Webinar #15: Simplify security application design with dsPIC33/PIC24 and ATECC608 devices

Understand how the hardware code protection features of dsPIC33 digital signal controller (DSC) and PIC24 microcontroller (MCU) are used in conjunction with ATECC608 security devices to achieve safe application boot and OTA firmware update。We'll also explore how MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) simplifies implementing security in applications。

Webinar #16: Wi-Fi for the Enterprise®安全

Many of us are familiar with logging into our home Wi-Fi network using WPA2。However, larger organizations, such as campuses and companies, require more advanced security protocols。This workshop will highlight the different requirements for operating in a strict security environment。

Webinar #17: Pre-configuring Wi-Fi® MCU speeds up product launch and simplifies production

For IoT products, security is always the first priority。However, it is also important for engineers to produce, provide and protect the privacy of secure IoT products。In this seminar, we will introduce WFI32E01PC series using Trust&GO technology supports the MCU of Wi-Fi and discusses how this solution can provide factory-programmed, verifiable, secure identifiers in an integrated module that significantly reduces the complexity and effort required to produce IoT products。